See, we’re not just finding awesome and tasty recipes for you to try, we here at Chef Regent’s want to make sure you feel good and healthy, as well as full!

Food and Fitness - The Whole Connection

SIck woman

    Feed a fever, starve a cold. Or is it Starve a fever, feed a cold…I can  never remember which it is but that’s OK because whether its a cold or fever its more about WHAT you are eating then when. When your body is fighting an illness the last thing you want to put into it is man made, over-processed junk. You want to support your bodies natural germ fighting abilities by giving it what it needs, whole, grown that way natural foods. Eat Clean and Eat Green. I heard this a long time ago and it forever changed the way I approached an oncoming cold or flu.

grains and vegetable

Eating clean is not anything new, a lot of people eat this way on a regular basis and a lot more don’t. The cleaner you eat the more efficient your body runs. It is better able to stave off illness and…

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